Children's Mobile Crisis Response


WPYFS will provide Children’s Mobile Crisis Response & Stabilization to youth & young adults up to the age of 25 24/7/365 in Woodward, Ellis, Dewey, Harper, Beaver, Texas, and Cimarron counties.



Consists of traditional outpatient therapy services driven by the Office of Juvenile Affairs approved plan, which addresses the therapeutic needs of youth who have committed law violations.

Emergency Youth Shelter


The Emergency Youth Shelter is a placement for youth through age 17 who are homeless, experiencing family conflict or awaiting placement.

First Time Offender Program


Western Plains Youth and Family Services, Inc. and the Office of Juvenile Justice, along with the cooperation of the district attorneys and the courts, provide intervention  and diversion services.

Health Homes


Works toward improving the health status of children ages 0-17 with severe emotional disturbances by integrating behavioral health and primary health care and promoting wellness and prevention.

Outreach Counseling Program


The Outreach Counselor Program is a program which provides individual/family/group counseling as well as crisis intervention, community education and community development.

Outpatient Therapy & Counseling


Traditional outpatient therapy services driven by the development of a treatment plan, which addresses the therapeutic needs of the individual and/or family.

Systems of Care


This program is child centered, family focused, community based, needs driven and culturally competent.  A local community team with significant parent representation and involvement.